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About Jenny
My life has purpose and passion.

Ms. Bair believes that we all deserve a life filled with passionate purpose, fulfilling relationships, optimum health & well-being, creativity, enthusiasm, innovative projects & hobbies, intellectual musings, and gratifying work.  

Her professional life is dedicated to serving those who serve others. She loves working with busy parents who find it hard to take care of themselves, stretched entrepreneurs filled with endless ideas wearing too many hats and all types of healthcare & medical providers that are tired of the current medical model leaving them depleted and feeling lackluster. She wants to help design along with you; your healing journey to regain your footing to be feeling better in your mind, your body, your relationships and your professional life as it fits your desires, yearnings and goals.

She believes we must first “Heal thyself to heal thy household, to heal thy practice, to heal our patients.” This framework is the building foundation for all of the key values and blueprints that build upon here to turn around your life or tweak it in a way that feels the best and make sense for you, your lifestyle and budget. She wants to empower, educate and inspire with solid tools from head to toe and from the inside-out. This is why in her career of 22+ years she has been called the “Life Unsticker, The Inner Organizer, The Passioneer of Purpose and the Practice Whisperer.”

If you’re ready to wake up and live a new life and do your work in a new way then, choose one of provided programs.

Learn More about my health educator code of ethics. 

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How do I get started working with Jenny?

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