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Community Events
Where is Jenny today?
Hopefully speaking at your next event!

Ms. Bair is available for a variety of formats:

-Lunch-n-Learns, Workshops, Small Groups, Happy Healthy Hours

-Strategic Planning, Team Building, Mission & Core Values, Wellness-Medical Focused Meeting, Clinics,

& Non-Profit Facilitation -Retreat Formats

-In Person, Teleconference, Video, Radio, TV


Book her now for your business, volunteer organization, speaker series, etc.!!



A little time with Jenny Bair, MHE, teaching

will take you on a journey of making a dull topic really

FUN and you’ll walk away with A-C-T-I-O-N Steps!


She’s known for her enthusiasm & passion for people life, making things happen in an experiential, fun, clear sometimes no filter, “Life Stand-up” kind of way; she prefers interacting with audiences who want to learn and engage in the process.  She has been fortunate to receive many accolades for her speaking and teaching but the one that makes her heart sing out inside was from her former students at TWU that voted her the BEST professor in the Health Studies Department, Spring 2014.


Here are a few top favorites!

LIFE Mastery:

“Be Free! Ignite Your Life – Living with Zest, Passion and the Cherry On Top!”©

“Looking Through Rose Colored Glasses – How to Improve Your Mood & Outlook with Be Free! techniques” ©

“Keeping Pain in Its Place with Essential Oils and Stress Reduction” ©

“Living with Purpose, Power and Passion to Be Free!” ©

“Can’t Get It Together? Who Can? – Get Organized & Essential” ©

“Move It or Lose It: Finding the Joy in Exercise & Being Still” ©

“Be a Recovering Perfectionist-Overachiever” ©

“Essential Oils 101 for Natural Healing from Head to Toe” ©

“My Body is a Temple; The Art of Loving Yourself” ©

“Get it Together with the N.O.W. Method” ©



(also have specific Medical & Functional Medicine Topics – not all are listed here)

“How to Keep Going…Amidst Work-Life Chaos” ©

“How to have those not-so-fun Crucial Conversations and Survive” ©

“How to Communicate More Effectively with Attachment Theory – Fancy for how we Connect” ©

“Use the N.O.W. Method to Solve Your Challenges and Work Your Team Through Them” ©

“Creating More Culture and Connection in the Under Belly of Transition – Work Resiliently” ©

“Strategize to Prioritize – Work with some Sizzle Again!” ©

“VISION: Build It, Live It, and Work It!” ©

“H.O.T.T. at Work” ©


LOVE Mastery:

“SYMBIS? Pardon Me? Saving Your Marriage Before It Starts: for the pre-engaged, engaged, re-married and married” for women and mixed groups©

“The Pursuit of Pleasure – Engage 7Tools to Ignite More Life, Connection and Pleasure Everyday” © for women

“Learn your Love-ing Style” © for women or mixed groups

“Getting Curious Changes Everything” © for women

“Relationship Mission – Creating Your Legacy” © for women and mixed groups

“Get the Fire Back Down Below and Back in the Bedroom” © for women

“Her Needs & His Needs” for women and mixed groups

“The Other Four Letter – M Word, The Art of Self-Pleasure of Women© for women

“The H.O.T.T. Marriage” ©



FOOD Mastery:

“What the FODMAP? – Get It Together for the GF-IBS Diet” ©

“Nice Kitchen, Get in There and Cook: Embracing Food with Fun” ©

“My Life is an Adventure to be Explored – Traveling with Food Allergies” ©

“Navigating a Gluten-filled World from Head to Toe and Inside-Out” ©


To discuss your teaching requests, please email and

call 972-930-0260 or simply click below.

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