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Patient and Client Testimonials:
Dream. Believe. Do. Repeat.

Theresa Fontenot, PA, of Renew Med Spa in Texarkana

Felice Gersh, MD, of Irvine, CA

Sharon Ward, RN, Dallas, TX

Renneth Hang, MD, Dallas, TX

Brenda Briscoe
Co-Director, Pain Recovery Clinic at Living Well Health & Wellness Center
"One of the many hats Jenny wears is a Life Coach. She is my biggest fan and cheerleader. Every time I meet with Jenny I get fired up about some new ideas she has for me. My business has improved since meeting with Jenny and acting on her ideas. Her high energy is contagious! And she is very professional."


Beverly Biehl

Trainer, Speaker and Intuitive Coach Professional Feng Shui Consultant

"Jenny first came to my house to help me get organized, and I was so impressed that I invited her to help some of my Feng Shui clients who needed her services. The way she runs her life is so full of passion, integrity, and value is inspiring. I highly recommend her and Living Well Dallas for a complete Whole-Life Balance!"

Claire A. Cooper
Chief Customer Advocate, LivingMatrix

"Jenny was able to talk to me in a way that no one else could before.  She let me know the TRUTH, and the truth was that I needed to look inside to make changes and find self worth. Sometimes it takes the right person saying the right things to help make the change we need!"

Dr. Amber Brooks, DC, CACCP, BCIP, RN
Board Certified Pediatric Chiropractor (ICPA)/Board Certified Integrative Pediatrics (BCIP)/Consultant/Speaker/Author

"Jenny is a wonderful person, willing to help in any way she can and successfully examines the best way to help each person she touches."


Casey Conway
Internal Communications Specialist at UT Southwestern Medical Center

"There's a reason Jenny is known as the Passioneer of Purpose. Her passion for both life, and her work, can be clearly felt by everyone she meets. The combination of Jenny's education, experience and spirit is what makes her so good at what she does. I would highly recommend Jenny to anyone looking to make positive lifelong changes for their overall health and well-being."


Heather Foster
Hiring Experienced Loan Officers at

"Jenny is one of the most kind, generous, and genuine people I've ever known. I've worked with her on multiple projects in various aspects, both at Living Well Dallas and outside endeavors. Jenny is dependable, intelligent, creative and fun. She is an amazing Life Coach, and I highly recommend her."


Texas Women's University 

Students voted her Best Professor in the Department of Health Studies in Spring 2014 

"Ms. Bair, You're the best teacher I have had at TWU.  Everything you taught us has been something that we will use daily, for the rest of our lives.  Thanks for caring and believing in me."


"How do I say thank you!"?  You have been an incredible inspiration to me this semester and I am grateful to have been able to borrow your energy!  You have a great sense of humor and don't change!"

"It is my distinct honor and privilege to share with you my experiences with two powerful women! I have worked with Betty Murray and Jenny Bair building a practice since 2004 - that's PRE -LivingWell Dallas era! Over the years, I have come to respect and admire these two sassy,brassy, change-the-world entrepreneurs! In addition to creating a practice that works (complete with systems, personnel, forms, plans, etc) they have created a heart-centered space where patients can come to recover and reclaim their lives from illness. As leaders and coaches, Jenny and Betty are encyclopedic in their knowledge and information, creative in their delivery methods and perseverant in sticking with tough situations. They have created a thriving clinical setting that is not reliant on bowing to the behest of insurance companies. They have created a model in which we, as practitioners, can all actually engage in best practices according to our training and what the patient needs. As a cash-pay practice we spend our time fully engaged in patient-care, not paperwork and regulatory issues. I have watched Betty over the years on a relentless pursuit of practical, applicable information that she immediately applies to running the practice and to improving patient outcomes. We ALL benefit from this! And Jenny is the master at developing innovative programs to serve the needs of our population as they arise. She is creative, adaptable and is no stranger to hard work. As is usually the case in this world of healing, these two overcame their own unique sets of health challenges which intimately informs how they operate with integrity, curiosity, perseverance and delight in their successes! The two of them together are a powerful pairing of innovation, grit and fun! If you choose to work with these two in building your practice, you better strap yourself in. Things are gonna change! Enjoy!

Suzan Kearney
MEd, Rapid Eye Technologist, Reiki Instructor and a Bowen Therapist

"Ms. Bair, You definitely make my day! I look forward to this class every week and it lightens up everything!  You are an awesome professor and I hope to run into you next semester. Thank you for everything."


"Ms. Bair, You have this personality that lights up the room.  Ever since the first day of class, I knew that we would have a great time in class.  You are one of the few professors who really listen to your students and have the ability to love on us the best you possibly can.  Thank you for an awesome semester!"


"Ms. Bair, You are so inspiring and intelligent.  I am so glad I took this course both my stress levels and for opening up my eyes to what I want to do with my life!  I appreciate your energetic personality and love of people."


"Ms. Bair,  I enjoyed all of the magnificent way that God has put you together."


"Ms. Bair, Love this class it really helped me with everything I was going through this semester."


"Thank you so much for everything!  This was a lot better than doing this class online.  You made this class amazing!"


"Ms. Jenny, You are a wonderful teacher.  I'm so grateful that I took your class."


"Wisdom, joy, humor, strength, support, empathy, passion, vibrant light."


"Ms. Jenny, You rock, keep rockin on! I enjoyed the course."

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